Rapidline Sustainability Commitment

Rapidline Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Commitment


Awareness of sustainability and environmental issues is becoming increasingly important for companies across all industries. As an Australian owned company, proud of our beautiful land, beaches and waterways, we are committed to tackling some of these core issues and putting proactive steps in place to create change.

We are planning into the future to ensure our company is part of a circular economy. Reducing our waste and consumption of resources, and increasing our recycling and reuse of materials is top of mind in every business decision we make, contributing to a more sustainable world.


We strive to reduce our carbon footprint through responsible business practices and implementing manufacturing, packaging, transportation and in-house initiatives wherever possible. We are investing in our comprehensive sustainability strategy; its planning, execution and management, to ensure real results are achieved and continue to progress and evolve for years to come. You can view our 2023 Sustainability Action Plan here.


Our approach to sustainability focuses on four priority pillars: discovery, design, distribution and disposal. From continuously assessing and reviewing our in-house processes, to adhering to sustainability certification standards across our product range, to offsetting our transportation, we are continuously working towards reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment we live in.


Our commitments include:

  • Improving manufacturing processes and practices

  • Moving towards reusable recycled packaging

  • Reducing waste and promoting a circular product lifecycle

  • Offsetting transportation and reducing energy consumption

  • Implementing positive and sustainable change in-house

  • Educating and inspiring change within the furniture industry

  • Supporting local and global environmental initiatives

In efforts to lower our carbon footprint and reduce our carbon emissions, we have proudly partnered with Fifteen Trees, an Australian-owned independent reforestation organisation, who have just this month planted 555 trees on our behalf. Partnering with Fifteen Trees allows us to take further positive steps towards reducing our environmental footprint, protecting and restoring Australian rainforests, and supporting local indigenous businesses through the supply & localised planting of trees.


Here are a few photos of Daintree Life, a small conservation group located in Northern Queensland, planting native indigenous rainforest species on our behalf in the Daintree Forest.


You can read more about our partnership with Fifteen Trees and mutual goals here on their blog.

Our dedicated Sustainability team here at Furnx have already made some great steps forward, and continue to work with our suppliers, partners and team to improve our daily practices and processes to effectively reduce our environmental footprint.


You can view our sustainability milestones in detail on Page 5 of our Sustainability Strategy.


Our progress achievements to date include:

  • Appointing a Chief Sustainability Officer and representative in each state

  • GreenGuard testing and certification of a wide range of products

  • AFRDI Blue Tick certification across our entire Boost+ height adjustable workstation range, our Infinity and Eternity workstations, and many of our filing cabinets and mesh/ operator chairs

  • Improving in-house practices to reduce energy, water and waste

  • Educating our employees on the importance of sustainability and how they can contribute at work and at home

  • Fleet mileage reduction through the expansion of warehousing in all states

  • In-house upholstery services to lower transportation emissions and support the Australian manufacturing industry

  • Warehouse recycling management reviews and introduction of new processes and technologies to reduce waste

Building on the sustainability achievements already accomplished over the last few years, we are now working on a range of in-progress initiatives, and have set further goals for the next 5 years.

The AFRDI Green Tick Certification process has commenced, and we aim to test our complete furniture range for certification by this nationally recognised body. Other in-progress initiatives include updating our current plastic packaging to recyclable, and supporting Australian businesses by expanding our local supplier base.

We aim to apply for FSC Certification for Furnx as a company, and hold the ISO 14001 Certification by 2025. Additional future commitments include moving away from polystyrene packaging with the replacement of cardboard, introducing further economically-sound manufacturing processes to minimise our environmental impact, and introducing electric vehicles

to our fleet when our current trucks reach their lifespan.


View our Milestone Map below and click through to read our sustainability mission in more detail here.

As part of our Sustainability initiative, we are proud to announce that a circular Product Stewardship program is now being offered to all project clients. Pricing for this service is upon consultation, please get in touch for more information via the contact details below.


Our Circular Product Stewardship Program ensures the responsibility of our furniture for its entire lifecycle sits with us. This includes the re-use, recovery, recycling and disposal of each product, reducing the impact of waste on the environment.


Our Circular Product Stewardship Program includes:

  • Refurbishment of products for reuse or reselling, reducing waste and extending the life of the product. This includes repairing or replacing parts, cleaning and testing.

  • On-selling or donating the product to another commercial business, providing proof of ownership and documentation to demonstrate the product is in good condition and suitable for use.

  • Disassembly of products for component and material reuse in new product manufacturing, reducing waste, increasing efficiency and minimising costs.

  • Disassembly of products for materials to be separated and sorted for recycling, before being sent to an approved recycling company for further processing.

To learn more about our Stewardship Program and how we can assist with this additional service for your next project, please contact Adam Marshall: adam@furnx.com.au.

The longevity of a product’s lifecycle is achieved through manufacturing high quality, durable products. A longer lifecycle means fewer resources are used in the production of the product, reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, fewer resources are used in the disposal of the product, reducing the amount of waste generated.


We use the highest quality materials and components to ensure our Rapidline products are built to last. We also use rigorous testing protocols and proudly work with independent organisations such as AFRDI, BIFMA and SGS to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


We are constantly innovating and improving our designs to ensure our products are sustainably reliable and durable through testing, feedback and research. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support as we continue to learn and grow. The time you to take to meet with us and share your honest feedback makes a huge difference to our sustainability journey and overall success as a business. Thank you for helping us inspire and contribute to industry change.

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