Can you see me (poem)

Can you see me (poem)

 I can not I know too little I’m too stupid to be taught I know too much I’m too smart to learn there is no hope for me now simple words are all I have at least you can understand them maybe it’s why I did not learn I did not advance I stayed where you could see me I have been here all along waiting I’m still waiting I wait the thought I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do I wait still only simple words that’s all I have I trick my self or lie I could be better than this I know I can if I really wanted to you’ll see I sit back down no change I wait will you see me now I’v just told my story not much to it some simple words will you see me now are you even there I think I fear you will appear I might see you.


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  • Tony Taouk
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